Anzhim Medetbayeva
1st Violin

AboutAnzhim Medetbayeva

Rebel” is definitely the word to describe our first glam’ girl, Anzhim.  Upfront as she is, she hits the stage with no fear.  There is no way you can pass  her without noticing. 

Anzhim Medetbayeva hails from Almaty, Kazakhstan. She holds a  Master degree in classical music from the Royal Conservatory of Ghent, Belgium. She works as a guest player in many Belgian symphony and chamber orchestras like Antwerp Symphony Orchestra , Liège Philharmonic, Brussels Philharmonic , Brussels opera house " La Monnaie/DeMunt" , etc. She worked with conductors like Dirk Brossé, Michél Tabachnik, Alain Altinoglu , Evelino Pido, Christian Arming, Sir Neville Marriner and many others . 

Her passion for pop music and entertainment she embodies in The Exclusive Strings and in her own compositions/songs which she writes and sings herself.